Registered nicknames have the ability to send each other private messages or use our "mobile app" / Progressive Web App at You can multitask, take a phone call, or even reboot your phone and pick up where you left off. Our progressive web application (PWA) is software delivered through the web and built using common web technologies. It is intended to work on any platform. You can "add it to your home screen" and it behaves like a mobile app.
Registration is OPTIONAL. You can always use our chatroom anonymously at NACHATROOM.ORG -- however, being kicked off of that when you multitask or do other things on your device is due to "battery saving" design decisions on Apple's part and they get more aggressive about it with every iPhone/iPad update.
We might approve you immediately, or we might be in bed and approve you when we wake up and start making the coffee. You will get a message from the bot after we approve you.
After registering , you will have to click "I have a password" in Kiwi or TheLounge. This login box immediately below doesnt get you into chat, it is only here to REGISTER you or manage your account. If you already registered, scroll down a little further for "Links to enter the NA Chatroom after registering."
While "our chatroom" is NA focused and has meetings in the Narcotics Anonymous "NA" format, we also have a lesser-known "off-topic" room that is NOT affiliated with NA or 12 step or any recovery program. You can type /JOIN #off-topic into any window while you're in the NA chatroom. If you do NOT want to join the NA Chatroom, the dark blue button further down THIS page will put you directly into the off topic room ONLY.

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Links to enter the NA Chatroom after registering:





Finally, for those who are already familiar with us and/or IRC: You can join us with a client like IRCCloud (for Desktop | Apple | Android ) or Andchat (Android). mIRC, hexchat, etcetera but you are on your own for configuring these. The server is "" , port 6697 (say YES or ON for "SSL") channel names are #nachat and #off-topic . Sorry, we don't provide technical support for those companies or their products. They usually have chatrooms or free email support available for their software. If you have a really OLD copy of the "nachatroom mIRC" YES, it STILL works here, type this: /server Beyond that, we are here to welcome the addict who is suffering without a solution, not to provide technical support for these companies products.
Warrant Canary: NACHATROOM.ORG has never been served with any type of law enforcement request or court order since our merger with NA-CHAT.ORG in 2016. Narcotics Anonymous's Basic Text states that "we are under NO surveillance at ANY time." NA's name and trademarks may not be used in any setting where the group is under surveillance and/or duress and cannot abide by this NON NEGOTIABLE statement about the nature and/or definition of an NA group. We will be forced to call ourselves something other than a group of NA under these circumstances, if you ever show up one day and find we've changed our name to something like "Connie's Coffee Clutch for Old Friends" or whatever else sounds good for the occasion, it is very likely that there is "some reason" we have conceded that we can no longer identify as an NA group or use NA's name and trademarks based on our interpretation of NAWS's US trademarks, trademark license(s), and or Basic Text, and we will gladly explain why we did that, provided that we are allowed to.

Here's the FIRST TIME configuration page for the Mobile App/Progressive Web App:



Here is how to "install" the Mobile App/Progressive Web App or use the lighter theme: