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Why do we do things this way?

Registrations are manually reviewed because we have occasional problems with people trying to pick up or cybersex the ladies. And registered nicks are exempt from about 75% of our blacklist program, meaning you are allowed to use VPN , "tor" , proxies etc... which have been used to disrupt our chat and meetings in the past. There are a few such providers that have been used to annoy or disrupt us so many times that they are permanently shitlisted even if you are registered.
So this is what we do: If your score is 100-200+ and you have not disrupted the chatroom or our meetings we will approve it unconditionally. If you've been banned or warned or whatever in the past, welcome back. We're not holding it against you. You can use your old nick. You can use a new nick. You don't have to hide or pretend to be new here. We just care that you're able to be civil in your future participation. If we didn't believe recovery worked or that people couldn't get better, we would throw our hands up and close our doors.
We've been hit by as many as 10,000 proxies per hour. That is why they're blocked by default for anonymous visitors. We ... have better things to do than be stressed out or "playing games" with someone who is pissed off and just wants to disrupt the chatroom -- like talking to our old and new friends, and holding our meetings. Please don't do this on TOR/Proxy/VPN etc, we will drop your registration and make you start over.
formerly_me and zephyr check the queue once or twice a day, and when you are approved we will message you if you're here-- or have our bot "Faith" send a message telling you we approved you, you will receive a message from her the next time you sign on.
If we did not approve you because you've never entered the chatroom before, don't worry. We go back and check all of those registration requests a few times a week. Come on in! You don't have to try to register again. Our bot "Faith" provides no other info than "have I ever seen this person before" and stops counting at whatever "10,000" means. This has eliminated any need for us to "look at logs" or whatever.
We don't have a clean time requirement for service positions or chairing our meetings. If you hit the maximum participation score and have done an exemplerary job of welcoming and encouraging newcomers , we will assume you've watched and participated long enough to get a sense for how it all works. We'd gladly put you on coffee duty .. if this were real life and we had a coffee machine. Let us know if you want to chair, because that is the only service opportunity that exists here. We ALWAYS NEED HELP with this. ;)
This site has been around for 16 years, if you've been around a long time, we hope you find this new method to be more anonymous, fair, or forgiving about the "past," in fact.. the concept of a "past" or a "history" here is now obsolete. As it should be when you return to an NA group.
Thank you for being interested enough to read this far. There are some misconceptions and "anti competitive" rumors about how we roll here. The idea of sites like ours competing.. instead of cooperating .. or holding grudges ... sounds really stupid to us in a stressful, divided, broken, and at times painful world where we need each other and have few places left to turn or will literally die if we cannot stop using today.
We want to make sure women aren't being sexually harassed , or people arent offering or asking for drugs. Or using our traffic and search placement to recruit our visitors for for-profit treatments, rehabs, "competing" sites, and shit like that. We've seen it all. And all of it represents internal or external threats to the group or our ability to "carry the message" to the newcomer. We're here to get better, and we hope everyone else is here for that reason too. That is why registration private messaging or connecting from TOR/VPN/Proxy are not IMMEDIATELY available to first time visitors or those who have never even entered the room at all.